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Dystopian dreams and apathetic days

I wish the world was perfect and everything was taken care of. Sitting on this couch I could accomplish so much if the world revolved around me. The outside can't encroach upon me if I don't let it. It's links to me are tenuous, and enter only at my choosing. Should I open the door, should I answer the phone, should I look up anything of relevance online? I'll stick to random YouTube videos and old hints about retro video games, games which belong to systems I own but that don't work anymore. The sun shines through the dual windows at the top of my front door. I can feel it on my face but the day holds no pull for me just yet. It's still early, and though I have much I could accomplish, just being home and writing these words is enough for me right now. The cat sits beside me on this leather couch that remains cold. His eyes are open and he looks around but doesn't move. He looks at me, his fut coat bunching around his neck, and pleads for me to turn off the music. I will in awhile, cat, I need to write this first. Without the music I'm trapped by the tv and the silence and the words I haven't yet read. With the music I'm distracted just enough to express whatever's in my head, even if it is only this.

I wish the world functioned for me. I wish I could wish and make it happen. Make my bank account come back into the black. Make my rent not be due, make my phone stay on without payment, make the credit card companies lose my record. That would be the superpower I'd want. The ability to alter records at will. It would make me superhuman in a modern, connected world. Teleportation or invisibility would still require too much effort. Flying is too flashy. Super strength or speed would be nice and incredibly useful, but I think this is more more practical. There would be too much pressure to DO something with a physical superpower. I'll keep my intrigue to myself. And if anyone ever found out, I'd wipe the records. I could make them effectively not exist. Maybe that, in itself, would be freeing. To not be able to operate in the world at all. To be outside of everything connected.

But these are just dreams. I enjoy the world too much. I enjoy being connected too much.
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